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Soap and Candle Fragrance Oils

Soap and candle fragrances online. – Our journey so far.

Our (actually me, my family just goes with the flow when Mum gets an idea) journey started when I wanted to make fragrant soaps and candles. I jumped in and made my first candle having watched all the you tube videos. There was so much inspiration and creativity when it came to soap and candle making. Rule of thumb 8 to 10% fragrance oils for candles. I was totally happy with my very first candle. Okay a little frosting, but at least you know it is 100% soy wax for a pure natural candle. So I got hooked on the first candle.

Then I went to liquid soap making. Cooking time was about 3 to 4 hours with some temperature checks. Next add the fragrance oil to the soap batch and voila a not so perfect liquid soap.  I had a minor hiccups but nothing that the family would mind using. (Colour wasn’t quite right but no one likes wasting a perfectly good lather).

Now I have all these fragrances for soaps and candles its a little like being a kid in a candy store. If you need any help I am happy to help. 

All the fragrances are cruelty free and are manufactured to the latest IFRA guidelines.



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Our soaps and candles fragrances are of a premium quality. Our extensive line of fragrance oil can be used for candle making, soap making, lotion making, and so much more.

We at Fragrance specialists are the pure soap and candle fragrance oil suppliers online in Australia. I have started the journey with making my own scented candles for gifts to friends and family as well as available to order from our website.  So if you are going to craft your own scented soaps and candles, let us help you with your choices to achieve the best result. . Based here in Australia at  very affordable prices.

We don’t just focus on delivering you the products you are looking for but also believe in providing quality products when you buy soaps and candles fragrances. 

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This is our first crafted recipe for liquid soap. The beginning of our recipes are found here