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We stock over 600 fragrance oils covering almost every scent you can imagine. We strive to provide the highest quality and the biggest range to choose from. Top quality fragrance oils specially designed for soap and candle making but can be used for many other products too. 

All the fragrances are cruelty free and are manufactured to the latest IFRA guidelines.

We are an Australian Company owned and operated located in Tasmania.

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Smelling good is a dream that we all have. Beautifully smelling body and surroundings is not just an add on to your lifestyle but it is essential in your everyday routine. There are a lot of products such as candles, soap, lotions and others in which we look for good fragrance. All these are made up of fragrance oils that are available in the market in hundreds of different scents, but it is not easy to find good quality and pure fragrance oil which is extracted out of flowers and not processed at all. 

We at Fragrance specialists are the Pure fragrance oil suppliers online in Australia. In case you are looking for a store to buy fragrance oils for soap in Australia, you are just one click away from your requirement. Candles only lighten up our place, but scented candles can create an altogether different ambience, hence if you are going to DIY scented candles for your beautiful place, you can Shop Candle fragrance oil in Australia with us. We serve you with the Essential oils for candles in Australia and that too at very affordable prices. We also deal with the fragrance oils for body products online.

We don’t just focus on delivering you the products you are looking for but also believe in providing quality products when you buy natural fragrances for candles in Australia here. So hurry up and visit us and Buy Fragrance Oils for Body Products Online at the best prices with 100% authenticity.