Liquid Soap Making

Liquid Soap Making


Good Morning everyone,

This is my standard liquid soap recipe.

946 g Olive Oil

577 g Glycerine

192 g KOH

30 g Bergamot

Standard paste is usually around 1.5 kilos and I then dilute with 3.9 litres of distilled water. It usually comes out with a honey pouring consistency, which is great.

My kids were complaining that is smelt oily.

So change to the recipe –

I swapped out 900 g olive oil with coconut oil and added 46 g grape seed oil.

I heated the glycerine then slowly added the KOH until disovled.

I heated the coconut oil and grape seed oil. I waited for the two temperatures to be the same. Combined the both into a slow cooker on low.

I used the blender stick to mix thoroughly until it held a trace.

I am now is the process of diluting the paste. Next time I’ll post pictures to show you how it works.

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