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About Us

About Us is actually hubby and I. I really wanted to make soap and candles with different fragrances. As a start up, this was looking to be an expensive hobby that my husband was coming along for the journey. I decided to jump in and start with candles. I was pretty impressed with my first candle. It was perfect. The fragrance was strong and the candle burnt perfectly and the colour combination worked great.

Next I made 5 honey pot jars with no colour only fragrance. This time not so perfect. I had bumps and sinkholes. I had used a larger quantity of was and poured very slow. Out came the heat gun to make the candles look perfect. Easy fix this time.

As my husband says I tend to jump in both feet first. So it was time for soap. Now I know people say don’t do liquid soap first. But what can I say, I had to do liquid soap. Its really not too bad, but can I just add, get to know your fragrances, as some fragrances may cause a vanillin discolouration. Not to mention we had tons of body wash.

I will post more information as this journey continues and hopefully inspires you to create.

Located in pristine Tasmania. A family owned and operated business. We are always sourcing new and exciting products.

All our products are cruelty free.

Let us help you with your soap and candle ideas. A large selection of fragrances for soap and candles.